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feast of pentecost

Follow the Light on the footsteps of Jesus with Sam & Kevin Sorbo

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poland jewish heritage tours

poland jewish heritage tours

feast of pentecost

poland jewish heritage tours

poland jewish heritage tours





poland jewish heritage tours

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Fact Finding exepdition to Israel

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Advanced Bible study program, Israel

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fact Finding trip to Cyprus

fact finding mission to israel

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Garden of Beatitudes

Sea of Galilee, Israel


Garden of Beatitudes

For centuries, man has craved peace, whether in his external environment or within his human soul. Although many, through the annals of time claim to have found the answer and the path that leads to such an elusive component of our existence, few if any have truly found the Spirit of peace which in turn fosters true unity, harmony and reconciliation. The Garden of Beatitudes - a spiritual center and learning institute - is the embodiment of such a vision. Nestled on the shores of the Sea of Galilee the Garden of Beatitudes Center sits on over 20 acres of prime property flourishing with natural vegetation representing the seven species of the bible. Ancient Olive trees and vines, pomegranate and palm and fig trees are just some of the natural vegetation that covers the landscape.

The Garden of Beatitudes Center will be the meeting place for a diversity of people from all over the globe to come together in unity and harmony for the purpose of learning and reconciling their differences. The scriptures will be the source of inspiration, bringing unity at the points of Jewish and Christian common faith, in the very place where Jesus Himself established His ministry center two thousand years earlier.

The Garden of Beatitudes Center will have a number of practical functions, all interrelated and at the same time autonomous from each other. They will provide a wide spectrum of activities and points of interest. The vision for an interdenominational, cross-cultural spiritual center which gets to the heart of the Judeo - Christian teachings is an idea whose time has come.

I) Garden Of Beatitudes Hotel & Resort

Drawn from all around the world, those visiting The Garden of Beatitudes will have available to them the 200 room Garden of Beatitudes Resort Hotel. This existing seashore hotel is currently being renovated. When completed, it will not only complement the motif of the garden, but will also incorporate aspects of the garden into its structure, gracefully blending into the natural landscape.

As water is a dominant theme for the Garden of Beatitudes, so too will water play an integral part in the redesign of this hotel. The soothing sounds of bubbling and flowing of water will be evident both in the Garden itself and within this facility. Also in keeping with the Garden, the vegetation used in the hotel will reflect the vegetation in the Garden, with prominent use of the seven plant species found throughout the Bible.

A full service resort hotel, in addition to landscaped grounds and gardens, amenities include a beautiful beach on the Sea of Galilee, a swimming pool, water sports, boating activities, restaurants, indoor and outdoor meeting facilities, gift shops, and proximity to all the other facilities of the Garden of Beatitudes. Also on the hotel grounds is the Beit Alon Museum where the remains of 2000 years old boat that may have been used at the time of Jesus is housed. Accommodations for a variety of budgets are available

There are also many fascinating Galilean daily tour excursions available from The Garden of Beatitudes including horseback riding, white water rafting and kayaking in the Jordan River, natural trail hikes, and much more

I) Garden of Beatitudes Mediational Center:

Water...... a simple word that brings to mind many connotations and images. On the one hand as we contemplate the vastness of the oceans or the roaring of a waterfall, we see the potential power and sheer force of this element. On the other hand, when envisioning a gentle brook or a placid lake, water becomes a peaceful, calming, cleansing entity that helps create in us a sense of tranquility and well-being. Couple this with a location where the landscape itself is pervaded by a spirit of peace and you have nature's own edifice to the Glory of God - a modern-day Garden of Eden - The Garden of Beatitudes.

This heaven-on-earth is found in the Galilee region of Israel, in a place called Ginosar, Gennesaret of the Bible, located between Magdala and Capernaum where the majority Jesus' ministry took place. With a flowing river, water falls and magnificent rock formations, this garden, filled with the spirit of peace that promotes unity, harmony and reconciliation on every level is also the perfect setting for individuals to cultivate their relationship with God, and to experience His presence in new and deeper ways. Open 24 hours a day, times of stillness, reflection and meditation in the presence of God will prove invaluable to the believer, seeker, student and tourist.

The Garden of Beatitudes will offer a spiritual, natural environment with intimate and cozy gathering areas for meditations and prayers, and larger outdoor gathering spaces for learning and teachings. The garden will predominantly consist of native Galilean vegetation emphasizing the seven species of the Bible. The Sea of Galilee itself will extend into the Garden by way of a uniquely fashioned lagoon.

I) Beatitudes Convention and Business Center

The region has been the birthplace of many Israeli statesmen and Israel has for a long time been a forerunner in technological advances, as well as leading the way in agriculture and other fields. Once again, through the activities of the Convention and Business Center, leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, businessmen, statesmen and forward thinkers will find a venue to meet, exchange ideas, form business alliances, and build bridges for greater economic advancement between Israel and other economic communities.

Through round table discussions, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, short and long term extensions courses, networking and one-on-one relationship, dynamic exchanges and advancements in a variety of disciplines such as information technology, agriculture, hydrology, aeronautics, political science, environmental science, community development, and business will foster international cooperation that can result in a strengthening of economic infrastructure not only in Israel but in the Middle East as a whole via successful alliances, mergers, partnerships and joint ventures.

With such a major focus in mind, the Business and Convention Center will also contain a 1000 seat, sate of the art, multi media auditorium. A major goal of the Business and Convention Center will be the creation of global business alliances and partnerships that will in turn establish the Shorashim (roots) of businesses in Israel with the communities and nations represented. A direct benefit of this strengthening of the economic infrastructure is that it also provides a practical approach to advancing peace in the Middle East.

I) Heritage Studies Learning Institute:

The element of water, a theme that runs throughout the Garden of Beatitudes, has also been used to describe the vastness of the knowledge available to us. This sea of knowledge must be skillfully navigated in order to obtain what is relevant. With a faculty that includes Jewish and Gentile scholars, the Heritage Studies Learning Institute offers students a unique setting to pursue knowledge relevant to our Jewish heritage. Fashioned from the same historic roots, Judaism and Christianity have traveled separate paths for 2000 years. Courses at the Heritage Studies Learning Institute will foster understanding and reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles through proactive study of areas of theological agreement, explanation of Jewish religion, culture and practices, and the promotion of friendship, love, sensitivity, and bridge-building between Jews and Gentiles.

This state of the art center, which will house classrooms and an auditorium, is designed to facilitate the Heritage Study Programs Curriculum. The units in this curriculum include, A Geographical Survey of the Land of Israel, Biblical Prophecy on The Re-birth of Israel, The Hebrew Books, The Footsteps of Jesus - Ancient Roots in The Land of Israel, Using the Bible as My Guide, History of The Holy land, The Tabernacle, The Temple and The Priesthood, The Feasts of Israel and Archeology of the Holy Land to name a few. A unique facet of this center is that the faculty will consist of rabbis and pastors, as well as an array of international speakers. Christian subjects will be taught by both resident and visiting international pastors and teachers.

I) Heritage Theater & Drama Center:

Picture a 1000 seat theater situated beside a lagoon extended from the Sea of Galilee. Place yourself in these surroundings now transformed into a biblical location with actors and musicians creating the setting for a biblical reenactment of which you will be a part. For over a decade, the Heritage Study Programs has been developing and implementing study programs and dramas in locations all over Israel. A unique drama ministry has been birthed that allows audience participation in onlocation musical dramas. This hands-on experience in biblical reenactments affords any student or traveler the once in a lifetime opportunity to appreciate to the fullest the Bible in the Land where the events took place.

Moreshet or Heritage Theater is the site of several drama productions which are reenactments from the Bible. You can join the cast in the water during the reenactment of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the drama Prepare the Way. You will witness Jesus walking on the water - the Sea of Galilee - in Jesus the Galilean - Miracles, and be a part of the ministry, teachings and miracles of Jesus. The power of the reenacted scriptures has a profound effect on one and all. You will join Ruth and Boaz in the drama Redeemed. The theme of redemption winds through the bible like a scarlet thread. The love story of Ruth and Boaz is part of that incredible story of God's love for man. A pagan woman finds the God of Israel and becomes part of the lineage of the Messiah.

The Moreshet Theatre affords you the opportunity to live the bible in a way that can only be truly experienced in the Land where it took place. In addition to drama, cultural expressions of Jewish, Israeli, and Gospel music and dance will also all be an integral part of the worship experience in the Garden of Beatitudes.

I) Garden of Beatitudes Community Village

As a part of the Garden of Beatitudes, there will be a complete Community Village situated within the garden that will house the diverse individuals connected with the various aspects of the center. These will include actors and actresses, musicians and technical personnel connected with the dramas, faculty personnel, and other key staff members. The buildings within the Community Village will promote community living. As well as living accommodations, there will be a dining room for communal meals, class room’s, workshops, and a multi purpose hall.

Those who desire a special Garden of Beatitudes experience may exchange volunteer service in the gardens, hotel, and other facilities for scholarship credit toward the expense of their stay.

By utilizing the skills of innovative architectural designers, the Community Village, as well as all of the structures of the entire Garden of Beatitudes, will blend with and enhance the natural surroundings and landscape of this idyllic setting.

I) Become involved in this vision whose time has come:

There has never been a more suitable or important time to have this type of presence in the region. A Spiritual Center in the Holy Land which recognizes beauty in the diversity of all of God’s children and a Learning Institute which teaches peace and tolerance will have more impact than words spoken behind a pulpit anywhere else in the world. God brought order to chaos through His creativity (Genesis I) and He is certainly able to do so again. Today confusion, misdirection, and intolerance are rampant in the Middle East and around the world. In today’s world conditions, the Garden of Beatitudes is a ray of sunshine and a promise of a better future. We have a golden opportunity to bring healing, change, inspiration, and direction to an entire region and to set an example to the entire world for the Glory of the Kingdom.

So, come and become a part of the Garden of Beatitudes! Your life will never be the same!

You can partner in the vision by making a financial donation to the Garden of Beatitudes. In the United States, your financial gift is tax deductible to the fullest extend of the law. Or if you are contemplating a trip to Israel, please make a stay at the Garden of Beatitudes a part of your plans.

Don’t sit at home and watch history being made by others. Become involved in making history yourself. You can make a difference!