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poland jewish heritage tours

poland jewish heritage tours

feast of pentecost

poland jewish heritage tours

poland jewish heritage tours





poland jewish heritage tours

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fact finding mission to israel

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a trojan horse in america

The brilliance of Islam
By Dr. Ron Wexler

Adding salt to the wound is an invitation to Iranian President Mahmoud Achmadinajad. He is provided a visa, issued by the US State Department so that he might address the United Nations General Assembly in New York. "Our caliphate will be from China to Spain and from there. The whole world is at hand," Achmadinajad said in a recent speech.

It is time for America to wake up! For Muslims, a caliphate is the empire of Allah with Shariah as its constitution. This is the same rule of law that existed in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime. It is the law of Iran today. Already nations have been pressured by Muslim citizens to establish Shariah . We owe a debt of gratitude to Canada and Australia for not allowing this kind of savage, extremist rule in their nations.

Khatami's and Achmadinajad’s messiah is the 12th Imam who disappeared during the ninth century. According to Shiites, the only way to bring him back is by an apocalyptic event. Such would be nothing short of an Armageddon. History shows that every empire that ever existed eventually was brought down from within, by allowing its enemy into its domain. In our case, they are the enemies of the United States who are being allowed to enter our nation, and, incredibly, being given practically Head of State status.

The Trojan horse is no longer in Troy!

Europe has already been taken by storm so that it is referred to as "Euroarabia." Islam has already established its footing with more than 53 million Muslims living in Europe and 14 million in the European Union, according to newly released figures. Now the Trojan horse is being given entry to the United States.

Saudi Arabia has given many millions to universities. These moneys include $20 million to establish a Middle Eastern Studies Center at the University of Arkansas, $5 million to UC Berkeley's Center for Middle Eastern Studies, $11 million to Cornell, $1.5 Million to Texas A&M, $5 million to MIT, $1 million to Princeton and $5 million to Rutgers.

Other recipients of Saudi money include Columbia, UC Santa Barbara, Johns Hopkins, Rice University, American University, University of Chicago, Syracuse University, USC, UCLA, Duke University and Howard University. These gifts are given for the purpose of expanding Islamic study programs. Harvard University already has the largest group of Islamic specialists in the English-speaking world

It is Saudi money that sets up many of these academic departments; but it is the U.S. taxpayer who underwrites the programs through Title VI funding mandated by Congress.

The Judean Israelites at the time of the Hasmoneans invited Rome to be their protector. That fatal error eventually brought the demise of Israel and paved the way for the Jewish exile, Diaspora, and holocaust, leaving Israel desolate for 2000 years. The Romans, from the beginning, saw their protection of Israel as an occupation and so annexed her to their empire. Now the US is cordially allowing its archenemies to come in to put their plans in place.

It's hard to imagine that with the invitation of Mohammad Khatami there was even a debate as to providing him security detail, such customary for Heads of State. What a paradox!

It will be interesting, in fact chilling, to witness what Khatami has in mind and what Achmadinajad's actual agenda is as they speak from platforms provided them in the US.

One may think that a sophisticated enemy would hide his intentions in the name of secrecy so as to preserve an element of surprise. Not here! This enemy is not hiding his intentions at all. This enemy comes to inform us on our turf!

It is Khatami's and Achmadinajad's messiah who is about to reveal himself to establish Islam World Rule, they claim It is that messiah, who, in a burst of fireballs, will bring down his domain, making Hitler appear as a "benevolent fellow."

Will these Iranian leaders explain how their god, Allah, will establish global Islam via messiah’s return, a reign that will last forever?

These leaders do not bluff. Bin Laden does not bluff. Neither do Khatami nor Achmadinajad bluff. When someone shows who he is, believe him!

Achmadinajad has blatantly stated that he looks forward to the day when there is a world without Jews, Zionism and Christians. He is telling us openly his plan. It is an "in your face" plot of destruction. Yet millions choose not to believe him. It would seem that our Western culture would rather tuck its head in the sand, living in denial.

America, please understand, the Ayatollahs do not lie, neither did Nasrallah of Hisbollah in his contest with Israel. Their vision is a caliphate; an Islamic rule controlling the world.

"We will not meet the enemy of Allah halfway. There will be a day of reckoning. There will be no negotiations with the infidels and nature itself will turn against our enemies," stated Bin Laden on El Jazirah.

Imagine this enemy, now so cordially invited to the US, telling us that our days are numbered!

Imagine the boldness of an enemy that isn't afraid to tell us every part of his war plans.

This enemy is practically providing us with a blueprint of his design to annihilate our republic. Imagine the confidence of this enemy whom we are facing, an enemy who needs not hide behind lies, an enemy who tells us the facts and nothing but the facts; facts that enshrine death and destruction to our civilization.

Yet as we hear about this enemy's diabolical plan, Western civilization is busy debating racial profiling and political correctness.

"The memory of suffering and agony can and must be invoked so as to prevent further suffering and more agony.

"Faced with the memory of the moral blankness of the enemy, it is incumbent upon us to show greater sensitivity to ethical issues and challenges….and tell those who believe in death that this is not the way to fight for their cause.

"I cannot understand how these people, who have made death into a cult, death into a passion, death into a theology can believe that they kill in the name of their god…..and in doing so, they don't realize that they make their god into a killer. The world refuses to understand that," wrote Elie Wiesel, author of "Night" and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is time for America to wake up!